Saturday, September 26, 2009


new item: the neckwarmer/headband.. i'm really excited about it! They take forever to make, I have to cut out a million and a half squares usually...but.. on my most recent trip to recycle north in Burlington and the ReStore in Barre, I found some pre cut quilting squares... when finding things that have been given away, I always wonder why and how someone put so much time into something and is able to part with it... every little thing has a story... someone had an idea to cut out each of these squares but never got to put them to use... I feel fortunate to have stumbled these materials... all are fleece or lined with faux wool. Thanks to Sam, Ryan, Maggie and Barbie for their recent modeling and photographing expertise. Be on the look out next week for a giveaway... also, be on the lookout for new fall items at all boutiques Nicole's Threads are carried in, and new boutiques being added weekly.. soon Renegade Handmade and Needles and Pens!