Monday, January 19, 2009

booking another tour...

I'm going on tour again..a shorter one this time... with Charles Davis and we could use some help booking shows if you know of any places near these cities... We're looking for places with a built in audience or house shows...Also looking for a date on March 30th in or near Vermont.
10 - Philadelphia
11 - Baltimore
12 - Roanoke/ Charlottesville
13 - Boone/ Winston
14 - Ashville
15 - Athens
16 - Atlanta
17 - Nashville
18 - Louisville
19 - Lexington
20 - Pittsburgh

if anyone could help, that would be great! my e-mail is

Monday, January 12, 2009

Crafters with Carpal Tunnel

I do a lot of repetitive motions with crafting, painting, playing guitar, etc.. I noticed when I was cutting squares for patchwork things my hand started getting a weird nerve shooting through my hand. I looked it up and it looks like there are many crafters with carpal tunnel. I found this article useful, I think i'm going to the local health food store tomorrow to get some B vitamins. Has anyone had a problem with tendonitis and tried B vitamins? Here's the link to the article if you're interested

I started a new etsy shop with only vintage items, view it here if you're wondering where all of the Nicole's Threads vintage items went....they went to Granny's Threads!

Friday, January 9, 2009

honey heals all wounds!

I burnt the roof of my mouth. It's so annoying. I looked up some folk remedies and one was to put honey on the roof of your mouth and not eat anything for three hours. I'm about one hour into it and it's definitely soothing!

On another note.. I just found this DIY screen printing tutorial that seems very resourceful!

I'm going to be shipping out items to Young Blood Boutique & Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia tomorrow so if you are near there, check next week for some cute shirts!

Also, myself and Becky Lee of Pigeons In The Attic are revamping the Philly Etsy Team's Myspace. Be our friend here!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Concert for Karen - Please Read!

This is a cause that is near and dear to my heart, it was started 10 years ago after my Aunt Karen passed away from Leukemia. My Grandmother was looking so much forward to helping raise money for research for this cause and has since past and will not be there. Please, if you are my friend, if you care, if you have ever had a loved one pass or survive, if you are broke, if you have lots of money, the least you could do is repost this. The most you could do is donate to the Leukemia Society. This information has been sent to me from Alan Stout who donates so much time to put the concert together every year. I'll be playing and I hope to see you there!

Well, it's been about eight months since you've heard about CFC, but it's back ... "Concert For A Cause 7: A Concert For Karen" will take place on April 22 at The Woodlands. Check out the CFC 7 MySpace page for complete details on the show, the complete lineup of bands, updated blogs on the show's history and hundreds of photos of past CFC events.
It's at: http://www. concertforacausenepa. com

You can also check out the story about CFC 7 from the current issue of The Weekender at:

theweekender. com/music/CFC_7_set_for_April_22_music_on_the_menu_01-06-200

Save the date and help spread the word. This is going to be a great night of music for a great cause. And thanks for all of the great support over the years.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I stayed up late last night making a treasury and then walked away and missed my chance to get it, so i'll post some of my favorites here:

Business has drastically slowed after Christmas on Etsy and Earth and Wears. I'm looking into new advertising for my Etsy site and looking into building my own website. My uncle reserved for me a few years ago and I haven't done anything with it...that's something I'm planning on for this year.. along with more collaborations. I'm really looking forward to the art show at green being, i've been painting my butt off while sitting at earth and wears. What things are you going to be working on for New Years? Where do you advertise online?