Monday, January 28, 2008

Ahhh this picture looks just like Joe and Matthew... it's freaky... anyway, that's my next show coming up.  Last night I played at the Sidewalk Cafe in NYC.  Shows in New York for me are always hit or miss, sometimes I end up playing for all of my friends from Philadelphia that I'm playing with or traveled with me or sometimes it's a full house of strangers.  I'll be playing in the middle of February at Banjo Jim's in Manhattan and Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn.  I find it neat yet strange that in the past few months I have played at two bars named after Kurt Vonnegut Books (the Monkey House in Vermont and Goodbye Blue Monday).  In other news I dropped off new tops at Mew Gallery and may be sending things to a few new shops, including jewelry and maybe bags.. I might try bags.. anything to use all of the s(crap) fabric.. just kidding, I just can't throw ANYTHING away.  Hope to see you at Joe and Matthew's!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Big Jar Books flier

Vermont, New York Times and Big Jar Books

I'm ready to move! Although I can't right now, I have to get a car, save some money, etc. Vermont was beautiful and I just love it there.  Bambi Boutique was featured in the New York Times yesterday and I had a name drop (exciting!) Click here to view the article.  Also, I'll be playing tomorrow at Big Jar Books with the Spinning Leaves around 8PM.  Stop by (2nd and Arch - Philadelphia) 

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Neeecole's Threads on

I've been selling my clothing on my bonnie and clyde's website and we were both currently featured on indiecollective's website. Click here to read about it! Also, I might be in the NY Times Monday! yay!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

traveling to Vermont next week

I'm going to be taking a trip to Vermont next week to see if I'm strong enough to deal with their winter during its prime. If so, I plan on moving there next summer. I'm not sure where.. I don't want to move from one big city (Philadelphia) to live in another city (Burlington) when I'm sure I could live 10-20 minutes outside and have more space. Anyway,  I'm going to be playing a few shows, if you are in the area you should check them out: 
January 8th @ The Monkey House 30 Main Street Winooski, VT
January 9th @ The Red Square 136 Church Street Burlington, VT
January 10th @ Radio Bean 8 Winooski Ave Burlington, VT
I need a traveling partner! I'm going to drive my dad's truck there and back...if anyone is interested, get in touch!