Thursday, October 27, 2011

stocking up for the holidays & applique frenzy

I have been having too much fun doing applique on everything blank that I own.  No more plain hoodies, t-shirts or yoga pants for that matter will be left in my closet for very long.  I started this for fun, but meanwhile trying to figure out how I could come up with enough inventory for the holidays and the ridiculous amount of shows I signed myself up for.  I just don't have the time to stock all of the shops I sell in, keep things rolling on etsy and prepare for shows with all one-of-a-kind made-from-scratch pieces.  I took a little poll on facebook and it seemed that there would be interest in some of these designs on some more simple pieces.  I also think this is a more affordable approach for some people who were interested in my designs but couldn't necessarily afford the one-of-a-kinds.

After buying a few sample hoodies, yoga pants, and t-shirts I've come up with some really cute designs that I hope to have photographed over the next week or so but meanwhile, I want to know:What colors would you like to see in terms of hoodies & tees? I'm thinking mainly long sleeved tee's? I can be swayed.

Please help! What would YOU like to see? :) I'm not sure if I'll be putting these on etsy, or just taking them to some shows and putting in some shops. I'm also not sure if I'll continue them after the holidays. It all depends on how they go over. I'd love opinions!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Holiday Shows!

Here is what my crazy holiday show calendar looks like this year! Come by, I'll be all over the place!

Twist - November 11th + 12th
Northampton Center for the Arts
17 New South Street 
Northampton, MA 

Queen City Craft - November 19th
Union Station
1 Main St. 
Burlington, VT

Craftland Show - November 25th - December 31st
235 Westminster St.
Providence, RI

Women's Festival of Crafts - November 26th + 27th
Union Station
1 Main St. 
Burlington, VT

Renegade Craft Fair Chicago - December 3rd + 4th
Pulaski Park Fieldhouse
Chicago, IL

Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco - December 17th + 18th
Concourse Exhibition Center
San Francisco, CA

Look forward to seeing you! Meanwhile, if you can't make it to one of these shows, I'll have my etsy shop on hopefully the entire time, although I may close it close to the holiday.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thank you etsy

Yay! I am this week's Quit Your Day Job Interview feature thingy majig on etsy.  I can't tell you how humbled, honored and excited I am to have had this opportunity.  Check that one off of my bucket list! ;)

Yep. It's totally always this neat and organized. Just a short week and a half ago, my world was rocked by being asked to do this interview.  I of course dropped every other project and everything else that I was doing in order to make my studio look totally awesome and unrealistic.  When reading most of those interviews on etsy I always was so envious by how neat and organized their studios were.  Now I'm SURE that they all had to have done what I did. Or maybe not. Maybe it's not normal that I over ran the rest of my apartment with the the stuff I usually keep in my studio in the hall and my bedroom. I wanted it to look really really nice for the 3-5 photos she asked me to take.  What? I took hundreds and pondered over which to use for days? Who said that?

Anyway, I had so much fun and am still pinching myself :)

Here are a few of the photos I loved but didn't use

these are my little helpers.

panoramic view!

all of the lovely local Vermont wool that I can't wait to make into neck warmers! 
last but not least... this is my ''I just had an etsy sale face!" 

Thanks so much for reading my interview and now it's time for me to get back to work on things for the holidays! Speaking of, I have been having so much fun doing applique! After I ran out of tea towels, moleskines and all of my old hoodies, I was thinking of buying some nice hoodies or maybe thrifting some for the holidays but would love some input on what you think? Here is a photo of what some may look like: 
I'd love some input!