Thursday, March 11, 2010

organic fabric or remnants that would have been thrown away?

First off.. I'd like to introduce the first item that I'll be making in small batches.. the Vermont Skirt.
A versatile skirt, similar to my one of a kind patchworks. I have been debating for a while whether it's better to use fabrics that are remnants, factory blips, and vintage (making pockets out of old lady nightgowns, etc.... or to start a line using all environmentally sound materials organic cotton, hemp, etc. with soy based, plant based, low impact dyes... The process would be much longer, but definitely rewarding, and I've even found a Vermont based company that supplies organic cotton jersey material. The cost of my items would double if not triple, as the cost of organic cotton and hemp per yard could easily be 10x the amount of my fabric cost now. What I mostly charge for now with clothing is labor. I'd love thoughts and/or comments. I also thought this would be a good post to clear up any fogginess reguarding where my materials come from.. it takes lots and lots of energy to create new fabric, 99% of this fabric would have been trashed if it weren't for scavengers picking apart to look for the quality parts and making do with what you have to work with. Another option for me is to have a small organic line and keep making things with the end of the bolt/blip fabrics that I create things with now. Please notice that I do not use materials that have anything wrong with them, I cut around those parts to create a quality piece. I hope you enjoy the Vermont skirt as much as I do! I'll be doing custom orders for this skirt in different colors and sizes. It's super comfy and versatile!

Monday, March 8, 2010

pottery co-op

I love that Vermont is full of opportunities for communal trade.. I have been looking into joining a ceramic studio since June.. I recently joined UVM's Pottery Co-OP. Expect to see lots of new pieces in the pottery lottery store. I just added some pieces that I had done at Wilkes in Pennsylvania...This one of a kind necklace is available in my pottery lottery shop right now.. hope you enjoy.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010