Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine's Day Goodies

pink patchwork dress. $82 available here
This is the second to last week of my big new year's sale. This week select clothing from last year are marked down 20%. Next week they will be marked down 15% and after that they'll be back to full price. Here are some items that I made this week. It's been a pink week and i'm trying to stick to Valentine's day themed items!

pink snowflake leggings. $20 available here

cute little heart earrings.$10 available here

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

weather pending!

We're currently being hit with a big snowstorm. This means two things for me today: 1. Way too gloomy to take product photos and 2. Too dangerous to get to the post office. While I have lots and lots to mail out and lots to take photos of, I'll have to postpone.

My second week of sale has continued, this week select handmade clothing is marked down 30%, the week after it will be 20% and then 15%.

I've added another goal to my new years resolution. To make a physical product catalogue. While I like the idea of just being able to e-mail businesses and stores, a lot ask for a catalogue to be mailed. I may be missing out on great opportunities until I am able to mail one of these out.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy new year

Happy new year ya'll! It feels good to be back in Vermont after being away for a week and a half. The time away has given me time to think of new ideas for the new year. This year is my first year starting out Nicole's Threads as a full-time gig. I had a job waitressing but it was so very part time and I wasn't quite ready to let go of a semi-stable income. It feels great, overwhelming and scary but most of all, exciting! In order to keep things rolling, I have to work long, hard hours between sewing, fulfilling orders, scouting out new places to carry my line and keeping up with the web stuff. Also, here in rural Vermont we got ourselves into a situation of having satellite internet... which totally sucks. I enjoy my big day out to the laundromat to use their high speed internet [note sarcasm]. Living here has been an experience in many ways.

Some of my business goals for 2011 are:
*create a limited edition line using sustainable organic fibers. While I have ordered some organic cotton blends, I will continue using my original fabric sources too. All fabric that I use is sourced from places that either have so much that they are getting rid of extra, there is a little blip every so often that I work around, remnant or vintage. I'm going to expand into a line of organic fibers and will also be using wool blends made by a local company based out of Vermont!
*develop a printed catalogue to send to brick & mortar shops.

*get a website (about time!)
*more craft shows. While I currently vend at a few local Vermont craft shows (Queen City Craft, BCA Holiday Market, and some further away (Art Star Craft Bazaar, Bust Craftacular @ World Maker Faire, Craftland) this year I'll be scouting out & applying to other shows (Renegade Craft, Bazaar Bizarre, SOWA Holiday Market)

*prepare ahead of time & set deadlines! This is something that I don't do every year! In the clothing world, you should be preparing your clothing way in advance. Instead of making clothing for winter, I should be making clothing for Spring & Summer right now.

*keep up new etsy shops. While I haven't been working another job, I've found the time to reopen my other etsy shops.

http://potterylottery.etsy.com - you'll find handmade stoneware & porcelain jewelry
http://grannysthreads.etsy.com - vintage finds (mostly clothing)

*blog more often! I find that most successful bloggers blog EVERY DAY! While I know I can't set a daily blog goal out for myself, I can set a goal of at least one post per week.

Some personal goals for 2011 are to start a garden, learn how to can, paint more, learn to snowshoe and or ski and to find out what it would take of me to buy a house.

What are your goals for 2011?