Sunday, January 27, 2013


I am so excited to have this winter down time to work on some projects. I am completely switching up my packaging from the handmade, hand-stamped cards.  I designed and ordered (with the help of my good friend Nicole Jayne!) new earring & accessory cards. My old cards were made one-by-one by me. After the holiday rush I am always reevaluating the past year to see how I can make things run more smoothly and efficiently for next year.  At the top of my list was to work on packaging. Branding is so important to a small business like mine, so it was important that these had a handmade feel. I am so excited to get them in my mail box. These cards will even have my website. I can't believe I was sending them out to folks as gifts without that link for so long. 

I also am looking forward to having fabric swatches all in one place for folks to choose from! As more and more folks are looking to me to make them matching jewelry/cuff links for their weddings, it only makes sense to have a swatch catalogue. This will also make my wholesale customers orders much easier! 

On another exciting note, I am taking a small business course and at the end I'll have a business plan (for a new venture - eeeee!) There is another thang or two I've got up my sleeve, but I want to be sure that I know if I am ready to take the next step. I'm also hoping to learn how to get help. There is only so much I can do myself. After running my business alone full time for two years, I find that I need help! Well, it's been a long day of learning excel and playing with photoshop. Off to dreamland... 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inspired by this cold...

Holy crow! It is cold out there. I was inspired by my friend Erica and this weather to create some new ear warmer headbands. I made three prototypes that I may list on etsy, but I make keep myself. I think these will be around $28. They are made from vintage & reclaimed sweaters!