Thursday, November 18, 2010

it's the bee's knees

bees knees. morrisville, vermont

Pictured above are some of my skirts and patchwork scarves (inspired by the women of Gee's Bend). Those scarves took forever to make but are SO MUCH FUN. To the right is some art by local artist Jess Graham. As I've mentioned before, I'm really excited to be gearing up for this weekend's holiday show Queen City Craft Bazaar. Here are some sneak previews of artists that will be there!

the candy thief bathilde band

subsixstudios fabric earrings

robot dinosaur fiddlehead

skateboard heart pendant by cooboriginals

Like what you see? Come by the Queen City Craft Bazaar!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the swing of things

My iron bit the dust today! It was a super cheap one from a big box store that I bought after I started sewing. It's probably a good 5 years old. It was a really heavy one and got super hot. Although I understand WHY irons have automatic shut-offs after 8 minutes, it is very inconvenient for me. Enough about that.
I've been photographing and listing so much on etsy. This satellite internet makes it take twice as long to get anything done on here, but while I'm living five miles up a dirt road I've got plenty of time! Hope you enjoy the recent listings and revamped photographs. Reminder that Queen City is this Saturday and I am very excited about it! I also dropped off some new jewelry at Bella Boutique in Burlington, VT and the Clothing Line in Burlington. Stop in to give them some love!
Also if you'd like to see Nicole's Threads in a store near you, recommend them here!

Monday, November 15, 2010

updates from rural VermontI

Since the last post I have moved! I'm now connected through an annoyingly slow satellite internet because it's all we can get five miles up the dirt road that we live on in Wolcott, Vermont. But it sure is beautiful and the sunsets driving down our road are to die for.

I just made a huge update to my etsy store and can now go out in the yard with my tripod and take as many pictures as I want without any visible neighbors looking over and wondering what the hell I'm doing!

Anywho -- I am super excited to re-invent my patchwork cowl from last season. This season I'll be making a batch of super cute scarves as well.. all inspired by the wonderful quilting women of Gee's Bend. They saved all of their scraps and made the most beautiful quilts that sing and dance with color, as I hope to do with my creations.

Here are some of the holiday shows that I'll be participating in...
This Saturday! I'm very happy to be participating in the holiday Queen City.. please come out!
Queen City Craft Bazaar - November 20th @ Union Station from 10-5 Over 40 crafters!
Also this year for the first time Nicole's Threads will be at
Craftland - 9th Annual Craftland show from November 26th-December 31st at the Craftland shop @ 235 Westminster St. in Providence, RI
visit for more information