Tuesday, November 16, 2010

the swing of things

My iron bit the dust today! It was a super cheap one from a big box store that I bought after I started sewing. It's probably a good 5 years old. It was a really heavy one and got super hot. Although I understand WHY irons have automatic shut-offs after 8 minutes, it is very inconvenient for me. Enough about that.
I've been photographing and listing so much on etsy. This satellite internet makes it take twice as long to get anything done on here, but while I'm living five miles up a dirt road I've got plenty of time! Hope you enjoy the recent listings and revamped photographs. Reminder that Queen City is this Saturday and I am very excited about it! I also dropped off some new jewelry at Bella Boutique in Burlington, VT and the Clothing Line in Burlington. Stop in to give them some love!
Also if you'd like to see Nicole's Threads in a store near you, recommend them here!

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