Thursday, October 27, 2011

stocking up for the holidays & applique frenzy

I have been having too much fun doing applique on everything blank that I own.  No more plain hoodies, t-shirts or yoga pants for that matter will be left in my closet for very long.  I started this for fun, but meanwhile trying to figure out how I could come up with enough inventory for the holidays and the ridiculous amount of shows I signed myself up for.  I just don't have the time to stock all of the shops I sell in, keep things rolling on etsy and prepare for shows with all one-of-a-kind made-from-scratch pieces.  I took a little poll on facebook and it seemed that there would be interest in some of these designs on some more simple pieces.  I also think this is a more affordable approach for some people who were interested in my designs but couldn't necessarily afford the one-of-a-kinds.

After buying a few sample hoodies, yoga pants, and t-shirts I've come up with some really cute designs that I hope to have photographed over the next week or so but meanwhile, I want to know:What colors would you like to see in terms of hoodies & tees? I'm thinking mainly long sleeved tee's? I can be swayed.

Please help! What would YOU like to see? :) I'm not sure if I'll be putting these on etsy, or just taking them to some shows and putting in some shops. I'm also not sure if I'll continue them after the holidays. It all depends on how they go over. I'd love opinions!


Julia said...

I think something with different plaids and tweeds would be nice, maybe in a kind of spiky star design on the back of a sweatshirt. Also- interesting fabric elbow patches on long sleeved things. People like elbow patches, I think. And I like tweed and plaid.

Julia said...

Oh, as far as colors go- green and cranberry are good ones. I would definitely want a cranberry-colored sweatshirt with tweed somewhere on it.

Sweet Avenue said...

I love the new applique stuff! I think cloud, star, heart, and paisley shapes would be cute. Even a bunch of different-sized circles, like bubbles. I love the idea of embellished hoodies - we Vermonters love our hoodies!