Saturday, November 5, 2011


I can't believe my first holiday show is only 5 days away. My, how time flies. I wanted to highlight some of my favorite vendors that will be at Twist. There are so many that i'll be splitting it into two posts: my fellow Vermont artist friends and then a second one of non VT peeps.  This show is amazing. It is my second time doing it. It's such a breeze to load in and out and I don't even have to bring a table or garment rack, it's rather luxurious. And as vendors, we even get fed! Hot DOG! No, not fed hot dogs but you catch my drift.

Here are some of my favorite Vermont vendors.. check them out.
 First up, Coob Originals. Calvin makes awesome jewelry and accessories out of recycled skateboards. I have a pair of his hoops that I love to wear!
by LoveErica I love this ring so much, it is so affordable and it reminds me of my mother's wedding band from when she was married in Hawaii! 
I had the pleasure of spending a lot of time fellow artist Moe of Recycle Moe at the BCA Markets. She's also helping to organize the Women's Festival of Crafts in a few weeks so if you aren't in 
Northampton, be sure to check us out there! 
this lovely skirt is by Sarah Green of Mountain Ash Design
beautiful porcelain bowls by Rob Cartelli

Deer Wall Art by Fiddleheads For Fiona

Okay, so maybe Lisa moved and actually lives in Northampton now but I will always think of her as a fellow Vermonter! :) Lisa is Elle Paisley Designs and makes awesome jewelry out of recycled watch parts. 

stay tuned for part two of awesome vendors that will be at Twist and don't forget to come see us Friday 6-9 and Saturday 10-6 at Northampton Center for the Arts/17 New South St. Northampton, MA! 

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elle.paisley designs said...

awww Thanks for the mention Nicole! And I still kind of feel like a Vermonter too. Even though I was only there for a year, Burlington stole a big chunk of my heart, and I will likely return someday! Can't wait for this weekend!