Monday, January 28, 2008

Ahhh this picture looks just like Joe and Matthew... it's freaky... anyway, that's my next show coming up.  Last night I played at the Sidewalk Cafe in NYC.  Shows in New York for me are always hit or miss, sometimes I end up playing for all of my friends from Philadelphia that I'm playing with or traveled with me or sometimes it's a full house of strangers.  I'll be playing in the middle of February at Banjo Jim's in Manhattan and Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn.  I find it neat yet strange that in the past few months I have played at two bars named after Kurt Vonnegut Books (the Monkey House in Vermont and Goodbye Blue Monday).  In other news I dropped off new tops at Mew Gallery and may be sending things to a few new shops, including jewelry and maybe bags.. I might try bags.. anything to use all of the s(crap) fabric.. just kidding, I just can't throw ANYTHING away.  Hope to see you at Joe and Matthew's!

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