Sunday, November 2, 2008

bee kind!

I've started beein' kind.  I actually have been interested in focusing on one fundraiser, everyone has their own little niche that they like to donate their time and money to.  When I started reading about the honeybees disappearing and the phenomenon of Colony Collapse Disaster I knew I had to help somehow.  I started making pillows from purely scrap fabric.  The inside are scraps and the outside is quilted scraps.  I couldn't really envision selling them as they take so long to make and I didn't think that anyone would pay for their worth.  I decided this would be a good item to use as my donation to CCD.  25% of my pillows are donated to CCD. I really want to start to organize a few fundraisers for the bees. If anyone is interested in helping or donating things to be raffled or auctioned off, please let me know.  I hope to hold a fundraiser in February or March.

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