Thursday, March 24, 2011

new studio and high speed! woohoo

Woohoo! We finally moved almost everything in. It seems those little odds and ends turn into a lot of car trips. My new studio is located in our new apartment. It's twice the size of the last second bedroom I was using and it has TONS of light, which is so very important to me. I can't believe we didn't take before pictures. This place was SO much work! The floors all were repainted with a shiny white porch paint. I can't tell you how much white floors really brightens a place up. It may not turn out to be that great during this great mud season here in Johnson, VT.

I can't tell you how much I missed being able to do simple things like walk to the post office, coffee shop, use high speed internet and such. My boyfriend and I used to go on dates to the laundromat 30 minutes from where we lived to use their wifi and do laundry. Ridiculous, I know.

There are downfalls of not living in the middle of nowhere, though. For example, our walls are pretty thin, we don't have a yard to let the doggies run free in and the bathroom....I mean.. the toilet chamber.. see for yourself

Another thing I thought I wouldn't get sick of was our wood stove. While it feels so, so nice and I love the idea of using a renewable resource, it dried me out like crazy, from my hands to my throat. It was also all we used for heat, so on those -20 degree nights, our room was pretty cold!

I have a lot of unpacking, sorting and organizing to do. Then comes the fun part: decorating!

While I am super pumped to get all of this done, it's also just before craft fair season starts and I am about to gear up to have lots of merchandise. I'm coming up with fun new designs for spring + summer.

Here are some of the shows I'll have a booth at in the coming months. Come see me!

Craft Show @ Parker Pie/161 County Road West Glover, VT from 11am-3pm contact for more info

May 6 & 7 Twist Craft Show in Northampton, MA

May 14 & 15 Art Star Craft Bazaar in Philadelphia, PA

May 19 Trunk Show @ Fancy Tiger in Denver,CO

May 28 & 29 River Arts Open Studios in Morrisville, VT

June 4 @ Queen City Craft in Burlington, VT

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