Sunday, March 17, 2013

Road trip // Part Two!

Celie Fago in her home // studio. 

Not only has Jen become one of my great friends since moving to Vermont, but I (along with all of the women of Burlington) lust after her creations

Jen with Kiwi the smartest little dog with a million tricks! 

That's why I was so excited to have had the opportunity to visit the studio and home of Jen's mentor, Celie Fago. Jen lived and was an apprentice of Celie's for 9 years.  Jen prefaced me about how neat of an experience it was going to be. 

(left: lockets by Celie Fago; right: PMC earrings by Celie Fago)

Celie Fago is a teacher of PMC [precious metal clay] among other medias and is highly regarded in her field for her groundbreaking techniques. 

I love seeing other people's workspaces, but Celie's was incredibly inspirational. Sometimes, especially in the dead of winter, I really need an enlightening experience, and usually it happens when I'm not looking for it. Celie's house/studio is like a museum of things that have inspired her.

At every glance there is a something wonderful to look at.  

Celie Fago's colorful collection of beads

A roadtrip with a musician friend is what led me to Vermont for the first time just five years ago. It was just what I needed at the time. Where time passes just a little slower, and where people passing by take the time to smile and say hello. This is where I wanted to be. Easy though to forget how special a place is really is, when you get into the rhythm of everyday life.
For some reason, inspiration always tends to be tied into nostalgia somehow. And I immediately began falling in love with Vermont all over during my mini-road trip.

(beautiful stained glass in Celie's kitchen made by her father)

I loved Celie's carved twigs (pictured upper left) and also seeing a collection fresh off the trail that will become jewelry one day.

(left: commemorative locket right: beautiful peter pan collar necklace with pearl by ELMHarris) 

I met Celie's current apprentice, Erin, who also makes beautiful jewelry from PMC. She has a line of jewelry that could be worn for a special occasion or every day and commemorative pieces.

 Ah, such a refreshing trip! Thanks to Celie, Erin and Jen for allowing me to photograph them and their pieces.

For those of you who don't know of Jen Kahn's addicting jewelry, I am telling you that you must check her out. Her designs are perfection and there is a piece for every woman.

She's been killing it promoting her chakra line through a kickstarter campaign that launched last week.

I would highly recommend checking it out and making a pledge. Not only will you receive a beautiful piece of art, but you will be supporting a wonderful person as well! And don't we all love to support artists who just happen to also be nice people?


Jenkahnjewelry said...

Love this and can't wait for Celie to see it! Thanks so much Nicole, can't wait to hang again! xoxo

Corinne said...

That was a lovely post Nicole. I'm so glad that you got to meet erin and Celie and see Celie's magical place. Now we need to see your things!