Tuesday, December 23, 2008

random things

B. Moss is going out of business... one (wo)man's loss is another (wo)man's treasure... I bought a few mannequins super cheap and was able to get a few for my mom's store and Cristen's Store - Greenbeing. When my grandma fell ill this month I flew home from my tour after being out only 5 days, but I did see a bit of how lovely Colorado was, I saw how boring driving through the great planes was, but Nebraska's rolling hills was fun to see. I was only able to play two shows, my favorite being at the D-Note in Arvada, Co. There seemed to be a great art community in Omaha where we visited Hot Shops and I fell inlove with all three levels of the studios. If you're ever passing through Omaha, stop by there... as I'm listening to Catie Curtis's 'passing through' I typed the title. I've been listening to a lot of great music lately and I can't stop listening to Jolie Holland of the Be Good Tanyas.
While Vermont is still a big option for me to move to, I haven't ruled out Colorado. I think home is always where your family is and where love is and right now that is Dallas. I plan on finishing my album and releasing it before I move anywhere. I'd rather tour than worry about moving.. but I need a touring buddy! I've been working on prototypes for new items and plan to work in new mediums this year and am definitely going to take advantage of being around my parents artforms.. ceramics and woodworking. I just bought a woodburner and it's really fun!
I'm going to have my first art show in a few years in March at Green Being.. I haven't decided on a theme and I can't really keep my head straight.. so maybe that will be the theme...

Boutiques that i'll be selling in very soon include:
Young Blood Gallery and Boutique 636 N. Highland Ave Atlanta, GA 30306
Smash Records 2314 18th St. NW 2nd Floor Washington, DC 20009
and possibly international at
Molly Kulte 943 Rue Mont Royal est Montreal H2J 1X3

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