Sunday, December 28, 2008

antibiotic or happy cows?

I was working at my mom's store Earth and Wears the other day while a lady from the local Hillside Farms stopped in. She (being the education director) informed me of some news that never ever crossed my mind and was super interesting. After doing research on organic vs. not it's not hard to digest the fact that although it may be more expensive, organic is much healthier in the long run. Everything healthy isn't marked organic though. Apparently, in Europe, if this particular farm was relocated, they would be certified but in the US, the FDA will not certify an organic farmer if it treats sick cows with antibiotics. This blows my mind! I read a few articles and it seems that the cow will hopefully have a good outcome either way. If a cow becomes sick on an organic farm, the options are to first treat it with all sorts of natural healing. In my opinion, this is the best form of medicine with any animal. I think modern medicine is an important back up though. In Europe after the cow is treated with an antibiotic the farmer must wait two weeks to sell their milk. In America, the cow can't be used at organic farmers the option to either euthenize the cow or sell to a non organic farmer. I haven't done enough research but I'm just assuming an organic calf is more expensive than not. Anyway, I found out that Hillside follows all of the organic guidelines for the FDA but they do give their cows antibiotics if they get sick. There should be another term for a farmer that practices these farming ethics because it's definitely a million steps up from factory farming and might even be more humane than organic farming. On another hand i've been feeling a little sick, probably from being around a lot of smoking... and everyone is sick this week so i'm going to share a few of my favorite getting better products......
Honey Gardens makes some of my favorite products... and they send out really informative newsletters that I look forward to reading every month. I recommend the Blueberry Rejuvination Tonic, Propolis Spray and absolutely the honey... the honey paired with Traditional Medicinals Organic Throat Coat. I definitely recommend trying to find a similar product if anyone local has a tea business but this really helps. Brewing tea according to directions is really important. Throat coat has ingredients that will only melt in super boiling water. Let it steep covered for about fifteen minutes. Then uncover it and after about 5 or 10 more minutes put in a little bit of honey. When raw honey is heated it looses a lot of its health benefits so tea must be cooled off. If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with helping out the honey bees, so buy raw honey from your local farmer! You can sneak it into more food that you cook than you'd think.
what are your favorite folk remedies for the cold and flu season?

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