Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I left my computer in Asheville!

Ahhh! I'll be getting it back tomorrow. Luckily, my head is attached or it would have been gone a long time ago. On top of it all, my sewing machine and camera all broke the same week.. so I have just been renewing items on etsy and using my old crappy sewing machine.

After the tour, i'm gearing up to move... many yard sales are in the works, along with finishing the last few shows i'll be playing in PA...for the time being, I'm sure i'll be back to play more in no time. Tonight is a very important show.. it's near and dear to my heart and I hope if you are around the NEPA area you will be there. I'm sure you've already heard of it.. but for those of you who haven't.. it's Concert for Karen. This is a very important year for it, as it is the 10th anniversary.. please come show your support! It's at the Woodlands tonight and starts at 6pm.

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